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Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału w najnowszym webinarze zatytułowanemu: Single-Particle Zeta Potential Determined by TRPS – Is it more than Just a number?

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The talk is designed to introduce the field of zeta potentials measurements using TRPS, aimed at research students, undergraduates and new users of TRPS. It covers a brief introduction to zeta potential theory, common assumptions and applications. We will review work from research groups that have developed methods to measure the zeta potential of small nanomaterials on TRPS, up to recent work from our group. A brief review of some of the recent papers and studies that have measured zeta potentials using TRPS before highlighting some best practice, and points to consider if users change the setup e.g. pH, ionic strength, during the measurements.

Dr Platt research group investigates materials and fluidics, aptamer development and sensors. His earned his PhD in the field of Electrochemistry at the University of Manchester in 2004, supervised by Prof Robert A. W. Dryfe. His work entitled “Controlled deposition at the liquid/liquid interface” pioneered the use of template deposition using mesoporous materials at the liquid/liquid interface. His post-doctoral positions have included time at Pennsylvania State University. With Prof Mary. E. Williams (2004 – 2005), where he developed new methods for the conjugation of magnetic nanoparticles into biological systems. Following this he spent time at Cambridge University with Dr Adrian Fisher (2005-2006) investigating microfluidic devices for the creation of copper nanoparticles before moving to the University of Manchester under Professors Douglas Kell and Philip Day (2006 – 2009). Here he worked with several colleagues across multiple disciplines developing a method capable of both creating and studying DNA-aptamer sequences. Prior to his lectureship he was an Intra-European Marie Curie Fellowship (2009-2012), IEF at University College Dublin. Here he developed a particle synthesis techniques, and nanopore sensors for the detection of virus’s and bacteria receiving the award of “Irelands Champions of EU Research 2012”


Izon Science Webinar Series: Single-Particle Zeta Potential Determined by TRPS – Is it More than Just a number?
May 31, 2016 3:00 PM (GMT+1:00) London